Pumpkin Spice Animal Cracker Cookies

Pumpkin Spice Animal Cracker Cookies

Animal crackers cookies are a childhood classic but this recipe has a fall twist, pumpkin spice. Yes, kid approved pumpkin spice animal cracker cookies. My kitchen helper loves fall flavors such as molasses, nutmeg and especially cinnamon. So when it was time to make a new batch of animal cracker cookies I though about flavoring them with pumpkin spice. The traditional animal cracker cookies you find in the grocery store do not offer a variety of flavors so I was happy that these were such a ... Continue Reading

Guest Feature: Clafoutis Aux Mûres Blackberry Flan

What do you get when you cross a blackberrry muffin, vanilla flan, and a pancake…with a 3-year old? Tiny flour handprints all over the kitchen? Yes, and a few footprints too. But you also get a classic French dessert called "Clafoutis,” pronounced “CLAHH-foo-TEEE.” A few summers back, my sister and I signed up for a French cooking class. On the dinner menu was “poulet rôti avec des légumes saisonniers,” roasted chicken with seasonal veggies and "clafoutis" for dessert. While we ... Continue Reading
Kid Approved Scratch Made Granola

Guest Feature: Kid Approved Scratch Made Granola

Cooking with kids, like playing with play dough, can get a little too messy for me. I have good intentions of making quality family meals (and memories), but I often end up frustrated with the mess and the bickering. Enter my mom, aka Grandma. She’s amazing. She’ll let those kids play with play dough all day and then she’ll clean it up with them and you’d never know it happened. The same goes for cooking. She’s great at getting them to take turns and have a wonderful time making ... Continue Reading
Apple Cinnamon Bread

The Best Apple Cinnamon Bread (+Video)

While vacationing on Cape Cod over the summer I frequently visited a local coffee shop to enjoy a morning and/or afternoon caffeine infused beverage. They had a small selection of pastries, one of which was an apple cinnamon muffin that my son and I ended up enjoying several of over the course of our stay. When apple picking season was approaching I knew I wanted to honor this vacation memory and this Apple Cinnamon Bread was the answer. Packed with fresh apples, the flavor is just want you ... Continue Reading

Baking Bucket List: Small Batch Croissants

Homemade Croissants from scratch, sounds intimidating? I thought so too, but still it has been on my baking bucket list for the longest time. When I discovered a small batch croissant recipe on the blog Desserts For Two, I bookmarked for some future day where I would take the leap. My kitchen helper always enjoys a butter croissant as a treat when we visit local coffee shops. A few weeks ago, as he was enjoying one of these croissants, he mentioned that we should make some at home. Knowing ... Continue Reading
Salted Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Small Batch: Salted Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies (+Video)

We all love to enjoy a chocolate chip cookie occasionally. Whether at a summer party, playdate with friends, or a quick coffee break between meetings, a chocolate chip cookie provides us with a familiar comfort and childhood enjoyment. This post is for all those times you crave a chocolate chip cookie but don't want to bake 2 dozen and feel guilty by the end of the day or week. This small batch salted dark chocolate chunk cookie recipe is the answer.  Twelve cookies to enjoy with the family, ... Continue Reading

5 Apple Recipes That Will Have You Baking This Weekend

The Connecticut apple picking season has already started and as many of you know, I love using apples in desserts. All of these recipes involved picking apples at a local orchard and even West Coast guest contributor Milisa and her family enjoyed a day at the orchard too.  Chopped, sliced or even as cider you can incorporate great apple flavor to scones, donuts, muffins, cookies and galettes. With the new apple season here Make & Taste will be posting new apple recipes for the blog so it's ... Continue Reading
white chocolate and mascarpone cheese mix berry tart

White Chocolate and Mascarpone Mix Berry Tart

Making a tart is something new for me.  I have always loved how pretty a tart looked and research many recipes to find one that didn't take a lot of time and was still delicious.  If you have ever wanted to attempt making a tart, this is the recipe for you.  The crust is the first step and as you can see in the images below my kitchen helper loved cracking all the graham crackers into the food processor and forming the crust. Many tart recipes call for a pastry crust, but that added additi... Continue Reading
school lunch kitchen organization

Helpful Tip: School Lunch Organization For The Kitchen

Your kitchen helpers will be heading back to school and if you are like me, I try to prepare as much as possible. This year my helper will be enjoying lunch with his classmates so I wanted to make sure some of his snacks were organized and easy to grab and go in the morning. I love to use clear stackable shoe containers to organize so many things in my home, toiletries, small camera accessories, office and art supplies. It's important to have the boxes clear, so you can see the contents and ... Continue Reading
Roasted Peaches with Oatmeal Crumble

Fresh Roasted Peaches With Oatmeal Crumble Topping

Summer is here and one of my favorite activities to do with my kitchen helper is to travel to our local orchard to pick seasonal fruit.  The peach season was destroyed due to a late frost in 2016 so I was especially excited to pick peaches this year.  Roasting peaches in the oven is simple and enhances the sweet flavor.  The addition of the oatmeal crumble provides a crunchy texture and transform a simple fruit into a great summer dessert. The crumble used for this recipes is actually one ... Continue Reading