Ultimate play kitchen

3 Ways To Bring Your Child’s Play Kitchen To The Next Level

When my kitchen helper is not assisting me in the kitchen you can often find him cooking up this own creations in his play kitchen area of the living room.  We bought him a little grill when he was 2 years old that he still uses from time to time, but it's not ideal in terms of size and scale as he has grown. It was time to upgrade this play kitchen experience. The three key ingredients to upgrading your child's play kitchen is 1) Realistic felt or wooden food 2) Kitchen Space Or Pop-Up food ... Continue Reading
A Beginner Vegetable Garden

How To Grow Vegtables With Your Kids: Part 1

My kitchen helper was recently learning about gardening in pre-school and was really interested in making his own garden. Directly after picking him up from school we traveled to a local garden center to see what was available. Last year we tried to grow carrots, however that did not yield a harvest. I purchased bags of soil, containers and gardening equipment, but we had to discard our carrot garden after a month due to mold. This time around I wanted to look for the soil pods, which provides ... Continue Reading
S'mores Dipped Marshmallows

S’mores Dipped Vanilla Bean Marshmallows

S'mores Dipped Vanilla Bean Marshmallows are a special treat to enjoy with the whole family, so break out the candy thermometer and vanilla beans, this one is worth making. I have always associated S'mores with summer, but it's a flavor that can be enjoyed all year long. Ever since I started making homemade vanilla bean marshmallows last year, it's hard to go back to the prepackaged option. This recipe makes a small batch of large marshmallows (using a loaf pan) or a few dozen using a ... Continue Reading
lemon blueberry baked donuts

Feeling Like Spring: Lemon Blueberry Baked Donuts

Spring weather is in the air this week and I couldn't be happier. With that said, living in New England, it's still February and we could always get snow again before it's officially Spring. So enjoy the warmer weather while it's here and add an extra dose of sunshine with these Lemon Blueberry Baked Donuts! My kitchen helper and I recently traveled to the beach to visit with family and made a dozen of these perfectly baked donuts as a rainy day activity. I love the simplicity and quick bake ... Continue Reading
Homemade Pasta With Kids

Your Guide To Homemade Pasta With Kids (+ Videos)

Making homemade pasta with kids is possible. You just have to know your child and what they are capable of. When my kitchen helper was 2.5-3 years old he wanted to make the dough, be part of turning the pasta machine (only a few turns) and eat as much pasta as possible. At 4, he wants to run the show, but with moms gentle guidance. We started making pasta the most traditional way, with a well of flour on the table, adding eggs to the center and mixing until the dough forms. ( Original Pasta ... Continue Reading
Tourtiere Meat Pie

A Winter Family Tradition: Tourtiere Meat Pie

As we start to say goodbye to winter, these cold nights are perfect to enjoy a tourtière, or meat pie. This double-crusted savory dish is hearty and feeds your family for a few nights. Growing up my mom made this dish every Christmas eve to honor my dad's french-canadian roots. But honestly, who could resist potatoes and beef surrounded by flaky butter crust. I haven't enjoyed a tourtière for many years and decided to introduce this dish to my kitchen helper. There are so many ways he can ... Continue Reading
Lindsay Culinary LLC Sprinkle Heart Cookies

At Home With Lindsay: Her Signature Valentines Day Sprinkle Heart Cookies

Creating holiday baking memories with my daughter are some of my most favorite times in the kitchen, especially when we bake sparkly, heart shaped sugar cookies. For Valentine’s Day, I pull out all the heart cookie cutters and an assortment of sprinkles! Bite-sized, heart-shaped cookies with a glittering sanding sugar crunch are stacked on platters, gifted in cellophane favor bags, or tucked into lunch boxes to bring sweet surprises throughout February - and are they ever a hit with ... Continue Reading
Homemade Skillet Brown Butter Cornbread

Homemade Skillet Brown Butter Cornbread

Cold winter days are made for warm brown butter cornbread. My kitchen helper happens to love cornbread with honey butter from a local BBQ restaurant, so I knew once I owned a cast iron skillet baking cornbread was on the top of the list. This recipe is simple and delicious. The most important part of the is preheating your cast iron pan to create an amazing crust at the bottom of the cornbread. Your kitchen helper will love to pour all the dry and wet ingredients together and will repeatedly ... Continue Reading
small batch maple biscuits

Your New Go-To Biscuit Recipe: Small Batch Maple Biscuits

There are so many things to love about traveling to Vermont. My family has taken many fall trips to the state and love the scenic drive with fall foliage and quaint New England towns along the way. We always talk about the Maple Biscuits we have enjoyed at August First bakery and every time we visit, they are always on the list for Saturday morning breakfast. We have been experiencing some cold and very rainy days here in Connecticut and I felt like baking something to enjoy straight out of ... Continue Reading
Cinnamon Chip Snowball Cookies

Snow That Mom Will Allow You To Eat: Cinnamon Chip Snowball Cookies

Excuse the interruption in your 2018 healthy eating schedule, but with all the snow days my kitchen helper and I have been dealing with it was time to get creative in the kitchen. Cinnamon Chip Snowball Cookies sounded like a perfect way to start. First, I received cinnamon chips as a Christmas gift this year. I know that sounds crazy, but since I cannot find them in any stores near me, I am forced to buy in bulk online, so it was a nice specialty item to receive for our 2018 baking season. ... Continue Reading