A Childhood Favorite: Cookie Monster Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark is really easy to make and there are so many combinations and flavors you can create. After making this Cookie Monster Bark, I'm definitely going to make some other holiday combinations.  On a recent trip to my family home, my toddler discovered my childhood cookie monster money bank and has coveted it as his own.  So when making this bark I knew he was going to love it.   Every little kid loves cookie monster and this chocolate bark represents him so well. Have you ever ... Continue Reading

A Childhood Memory Rediscovered – Spritz Sugar Cookies

It wouldn't be halloween week without a pumpkin shaped treat.  These spritz pumpkin sugar cookies are a great fall party favor considering the recipe will yield almost 40 cookies.  When eating a spritz cookie I can't help but remember all of my visits to my Great Aunt Margret's home as a child.  She lived to be 103 years old and had great pride in the home she lived in for the majority of her life.  Every visit always involved her offering me cookies from a blue cookie tin with white paper ... Continue Reading

Halloween Dirt: Toddler Approved Chocolate and Whipped Cream Parfait

Every year at the big family Christmas party there is always a family-style size parfait, fondly referred to as "Dirt".  For today's post I created individual size parfaits, kid style.  When thinking about ingredients to create the parfaits the following came to mind: cake, whipped cream, and chocolate pudding.  I kept the decorations simple, but thought about our recent trip to our favorite Cape Cod candy story, The Chatham Candy Manor.  They had the cutest white marshmallow ghosts so I ... Continue Reading

California Feature: Cinnamon Sugar Halloween Crisps

Ever since Make & Taste started, Jax and I’ve been in the kitchen a TON more…and Jax is loving it! So when I came across this simple and fun recipe I knew he’d be all over it! And he was! I heard “Mommy I wanna do it” from start to finish. Oh, and don’t tell anyone, but “Can I taste?” was also on repeat during this one…those cute little fingers “tasted” the sugar/cinnamon mix one too many times! This one was definitely a fun one because he was able to help with every ... Continue Reading

Mini-Whoopie Pies as Halloween Spiders

In preparation for Halloween week on Make & Taste I thought about some classic kid treats.  My inspiration for these mini-whoopie pies came from two places.  First, my family recently attended a toddler birthday and instead of a cake they had a pile of whoopie pies.  Second, I saw this cute image on Instagram Feed @mamainlalaland.  I knew I wanted to combine the two.  Making the cake from a cake mix made the whole process much easier, but feel free to make your own chocolate cake.  Of ... Continue Reading

Virginia Feature: Trompe L’oeil- Sushi Cupcakes

Imagine walking into a dinner party, and seeing spicy tuna rolls and chopsticks on the dessert tray.   Then, imagine biting into the sushi rolls and tasting sweet vanilla cake topped with coconut butter cream.   Sushi cupcakes are unexpected treats that add an artsy and playful flare to your dessert.   It’s a “trompe l’oeil,” or deception of the eye, which adds an element of mischief to the menu. Years ago, my sister served Sushi Cupcakes at a party. They created quite a stir, ... Continue Reading

After School Snack: Making Pumpkin Muffins with Clara

As parents, we cook what our picky children will eat. It’s not necessarily what you’re hoping they want to munch on, but I’ve found adding hidden ingredient to a recipe and cutting the sugar in half can result in a slight more nutritious version of the snacks they prefer. Pumpkin baked goods are a favorite in our house. My daughter is enthralled with the fall offering of pumpkin muffins at Dunkin Donuts. Covered with sugar crumbles and icing, they’re absolutely delicious so I don’t ... Continue Reading

A Family Favorite: Roasted Chicken with Lemon, Garlic and Thyme

Once the cooler temperatures arrive in the Northeast, our weekly family menu of meals shifts to cool weather favorites like chili, soups and roasted meats.  This roasted chicken recipe is something I make about once per week.  The costs for a chicken roaster can be relativity inexpensive compared to other cuts of meat and it will feed my family.  I also love that there is minimal prep work and once it's done roasting in the oven dinner is ready.  Pretty simple. On a side note, the carame... Continue Reading

Baked Pumpkin Donuts with Three Topping Options

Pumpkin is such a great flavor to bake with during the fall.  Since I have had some success with baked donuts and they are a quick treat to bake, I wanted to create a pumpkin version.  I researched a few recipes that I liked and made a few changes along the way.  First, these donuts use whole wheat flour and coconut oil.  Feel free to use all-purpose flour and vegetable oil, but since I had the others on hand, I decided to make the switch.  As you can see from the image below my toddler ... Continue Reading

West Coast Style Apple Picking and Apple Pie Cookies

Every year, our group heads up to Rileys at Los Rios Rancho in Oak Glen for an early breakfast and some apple picking in the local orchards. We have to go early because even at the end of September, it still gets up to about 85*! Now that Jax is almost three years old, he can finally pick the apples all by himself. He enjoys that! We picked Spartan (sweet for snacking) and Rome (great for baking) apples and fun tossing them into the bags and crates. After we fill up our bags, we head over to ... Continue Reading